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It seems like only yesterday, the clock struck midnight and we ushered in a new millennium...

What is it about a New Year that inspires new thinking, new approaches and fresh ideas?

Well, I am no different than most. So, here is my list of fresh ideas and new approaches for the New Year:

  • Use talking avatar to spiff up my newsletters :)

  • Expand branding services to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Collaborate with a friend to write a niche book on networking.

  • License my 3-act play for college students (It's a dialogue about language--the good, the bad, and especially the ugly.)

  • Seek opportunities to conduct workshops in resort and exotic locations. Know of any? Contact me :)

Okay, that is my short list of business ideas (another list of personal ideas and thoughts). How about you? Please post your thoughts. What fresh ideas or new approaches will you take into the New Year?

Happy New Year!

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