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"Remember my mantra: distinct... or extinct." Tom Peters


In a competitive business environment, if you do not understand the value that you bring or how to demonstrate your unique value to decision makers, you may not survive.  Every one, every internal team and every company already has a brand -- the successful brands are sought after, selected and purchased.  Manage your brand with intention!

YOU, Inc.
  • Understand the concept of personal branding by analyzing some famous brands.

  • Define desired perception (that may include a change from current brand).

  • Create a personal brand strategy that will propel participants towards realizing their professional goals.

  • Develop an image (appearance, behavior and communication) that is in alignment with desired professional goals.

  • Articulate self-perception and obtain feedback about perception from others.


  • NASA - eMerge Mentoring Program*

  • NASA – ASPIRE* Leadership Development

  • NASA - Administrative Support Colloquium

  • Graduate School - Aspiring Leaders Program*

  • Environmental Protection Agency*

  • District of Columbia Water Department (WSSC - sub)

  • Navy Audit*

  • Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

  • Naval Sea Systems Command*

  • Department of Justice Programs – EEO

* Multiple engagements


         Brand Management


  • Assessments

  • Coaching

  • Career Development   Workshops

  • Entrepreneurial Brand Consulting

  • ​Team Branding​

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