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Everyone has a brand. It is like the perfume that lingers after one has left the room. Your brand operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is essential that you understand and manage the brand that operates in your work environment—your brand in the workplace has a measure of responsibility for your current position—whatever it is.

The investment fee for this service is $450 payable in two installments. The first, a retainer of $225.00 will initiate the service. The balance is due before our last coaching session.

Included in this custom service:
1. 360Reach Personal Brand Assessment
2. Graphical Action Plan (May include additional graphic workbook pages, dependent on needs identified during the initial coaching session.)
3. One 60 minute initial coaching session
4. Two 30 minute coaching sessions
5. Subsequent coaching sessions are billed at $500/month (3 hours)


Instructions for taking the assessment:

1. Review the video on the site for information about how to get the most out of the survey.
2. Begin your assessment here: 15-day free pass.
3. Your 15-day free pass will be updated to the Premium Report. (Please DO NOT select Premium Report on the Reachcc website (you will not receive the $10 discount).

Personal Brand Career and Entrepreneurial Coaching

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