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Walt Disney coined the term 'Imagineers' to describe the engineers that would make his vision come to life: "The dreamers, the doers, the masterminds of magic."Indeed, we are each IMAGINEERS: responsible for masterminding our career and our happiness. - Are you one of the millions of Baby Boomers who are not ready to retire? - Have you already retired, but now realize that you need to re-enter the workforce?- Or, are you simply looking for new ways to earn money that is fun and enjoyable?


For Baby Boomers, who like me are in a continuous state of blooming, looking to re-engage by trading wisdom, time, talent and sheer tenacity for your own natural energy yield, perhaps this experience is for you. And, thus the title, The Perennial Workforce: Baby Boomers Blooming and Making Money After Retirement. In nature, perennials are enduring or continually recurring --most notably as plant life. They tend to come back heartier and more lively than the last season. This action guide is for Boomers who are looking for their next adventure, heartier than the last season and ready to bloom. With pen in hand, this action guide will help you craft the next step on your journey.

The Perennial Workforce: Baby Boomers Blooming & Making Money After Retirement

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